Our goal is to make physique and figure progress attainable via an affordable and easy to follow platform.

We are committed to you...

The fitness industry is flooded with fad diets, money making gadgets and coaches selling false hope to make a quick pound. At BMO we have developed tried, tested and proven methods to building muscle and burning fat which are the two main components in attaining that lean muscular model look all the way up to a competitive physique or figure. These methods have all been developed around living a normal life, working full time, raising children and living a normal balanced life at the same time.

Our achievements

We have proven our methods across a range of platforms from international bodybuilding titles to incredible lifestyle/appearance transformations time and time again.

Videos on demand

View constantly updated entertaining and educational workout and lifestyle videos ranging from leg day to food prep hacks to help you get the most out of your workouts and recover via optimal nutrition.

How it works

We apply a combination of free weights, cardio and balanced calorie controlled nutrition.

Success Stories

Visit @BMO_GYM to see some of our amazing transformations